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Traditional accounting software ties business owners to a single office or desk.  It takes up resources and reduces the flexibility of being in business.  Cloud accounting software such as Xero lets you work from anywhere at any time.  You can use a laptop, tablet or smartphone to access data securely, and all the IT support is handled remotely.

Benefits of cloud accounting software:

  1. Financial data flows automatically into the software to save time, money and increase accuracy.
  2. Access your accounting data through any device with an internet connection.
  3. You have instant review of data and information, such as cashflow.
  4. You can use powerful tools and applications to process accounting data.
  5. It’s easy for all staff to use.
  6. It can grow as your business grows.
  7. There are no more worries about outdated software, IT costs or server outages.
  8. You pay on a simple subscription basis, paying only for the services you need.


The cloud is one of the most secure ways to store information.  That’s because no data exists locally, it’s all online, protected by powerful encryption. This is a much safer method of storage than keeping data on a local hard drive.


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Meet Sue, plumber to the stars

Her most important business tool is Xero Touch, the mobile app for Xero.  See how she keeps on top of her business throughout her day while on the go. This video is an excellent and entertaining summary of how Xero helps small businesses focus on what they do best.


Beautiful accounting software for small business, available from anywhere, anytime. 


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